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Yaaahoooo!!!!! Souvlaki in such a long time !!!! ITADAKIMASU ;))

Yaaahoooo!!!!! Souvlaki in such a long time !!!! ITADAKIMASU ;))

TEEN TOP ‘s Ricky SOLO stage + piano [140727]

Don’t hide that beautiful smile~!

Don’t hide that beautiful smile~!

Maknae JungKook , 16-year-old ….


TEEN TOP 2014 World Tour 'HIGH KICK' in SEOUL  [] []

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kwb you little shit

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Anonymous asked:
Hi I'm a new fan of bts and I don't have a bias yet. But my eyes keep going to the Kookie himself. What is his personality? From what I see he is hardworking and talent.


  • He’s such a shy maknae
  • He denies Jimin’s love ( It seems he prefers Jin’s) LOL

  • Plays a lot with his hyungs esp Jimin
  • He is the one of the most straight-forward member in the group (Not afraid of his hyungs)
    Well, tbh it seems that the members cant resist his aegyo

  • He really is a hard-working person and that’s why he’s called “GOLDEN MAKNAE” - Sing & Rap & Dance
    [speciality= dances to girl group dances with passion ]

  • Young but has the ability to melt your heart ~~

  • He tends to stare at other members when they talk

  • And let me not forget , he sleeps a lot.. like A LOT !!


Even I dont have a bias in BTS , you see , eveyone is a bias ruiner.!! ahahahaha
But it seems that I show more attention to JungKook , you cant help but fall for him more than the others !!!
The more you learn JungKook the more you  fall for him ~~~!!!

- Well, I hope this may help you ^^

6/50 - rocking era

6/50 - rocking era

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l.joe getting ready to go skydiving

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oh,  for a second I thought you meant something else…

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